The Springtime Vision

To allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of sheepskin and health products.

Our Philosophy

Be sincere, placid, thankful and responsible.

Be fair - all business must be beneficial not only to the company but all associates and society.

Springtime - The Company

Springtime Limited is a respected New Zealand owned Brand Company in Manukau city, South Auckland, supplying Springtime and PEP brand Genuine Sheepskin Fur products, including Sheepskin Fur Bed Pad, Sheepskin Fur Designer Rugs/Carpets, Sheepskin Fur Traditional Rugs/Carpets, Sheepskin Fur Accessories, Alpaca design rugs, Sheepskin Fur Baby Care Rugs, Sheepskin Fur Designer Seat Pads, Wool Duvets and Health Products. The company has now created a brand with quality, value and style.

We used to be only a wholesaler of Sheepskin and Health products, especially Sheepskin Bed Pad and Sheepskin Designer Rugs/Carpets. This enables us to offer the best value quality sheepskin products and deliver the finest sheepskins to the very heart of world markets with very competitive prices. Springtime's success is based on cost and quality control and customer-centred marketing service.