How to use our shopping site

You can order for yourself, your family and/or your company or order gifts for a particular person in the same or even another country and then we will send your gifts for you!

All prices are in New Zealand dollars. All the prices include insurance, shipping and handling costs. You can use the Currencies button to view the cost in the relative currency.

Our website has been divided into different categories. These are: Bed Pad, Designer rugs, Traditional rugs, Accessories, Alpaca carpets/rugs, Babycare, Seat Pads, Wool Duvet, Health Products. These product groups are listed on the top left of the page. Enter the relative category, click on the product title and you will be shown a full description and larger picture of the item.

By pressing the "Buy now" button located next to every item and entering the quantity you desire, you can add that product to your shopping basket.

At any time you can view your shopping basket by clicking on the "Cart Contents" or Shopping Cart button located in the top panel of the page or to the right. It shows the items you have selected so far, and lets you alter or delete them.

When you have finished shopping - first click on your shopping basket to see your list and check that it is correct then click the "Checkout " button.

Then you go to "Delivery Information" page. On this page, you can edit your shipping address at "Shipping address" column, add your request or message for your order at "Add Comments About Your Order" column (you can add your friend\'s phone number to enhance the delivery experience, for example, if you buy the gift for him/her), and you can see the shipping cost is zero at "Shipping Method" column. Then you just click "Continue" button to continue checkout procedure.

Then you go to "Payment Information" page. On this page, please choose Visa or Master Card at "Payment Method" column. Then you just click "Continue" button.

Then you go to "Order Confirmation" page. On this page, you check the details of your order: the products, the prices and the total amounts. Then you just click "Confirm order" button.

Then you go to "The National Bank" page. On this page, you can securely enter your Credit Card details. Then you just click "Pay" button. When the transaction results appear, please wait until you are redirected from National Bank Website to You don\'t need to copy any transaction details. You will receive an e-mail with all your order details right away. If you don\'t wait for the springtimewool page to appear you won\'t get the confirmation e-mail.

Then you just relax and prepare to enjoy the luxurious sheepskin products from

Note: Please note that all prices are listed in New Zealand currency. All the prices include insurance, shipping and handling costs. All payments are made by Credit Card and we accept all Visa and Master Cards. Orders placed on will be charged in New Zealand dollars. If you live outside New Zealand, this charge is converted by your bank into your local currency and should appear on your credit card statement in that currency. This website is easy to use and safe because it is a SECURE SITE. We use Paystation Credit Card Gateway (Please click here for more information) via BuyPoint - The National Bank\'s Internet payment system (Please click here for more information). The payment is processed by National Bank. Nobody else will see your card number and nobody else will know your name.