1. Question: I'm from Australia,and I want to buy products from your website, but, when I enter the required information to creat my account,then click "Continue", why it change the "State/Province" I entered to "Australia" and says it's not a delivery destination. How can I complete the creation of my account?
Answer: We have got many calls from Australia regarding this enquiry. In this case, just enter "Australia" in the column of "State/Province", (if it has been changed to "Australia",just leave it as that), then, just re-enter your password,and then click "contuine" again. Your account should be successfully created now.
If you are from other country, and have the similar problem, just do it this way.

2. Question: I just place an order of NZ$1203.00, but I just cannot complete the checkout process. When I go to Order Comfirmation page, check the order details, then I click "Confirm order" button, but the screen goes back to Payment information page, then I click Contuine button again, then goes to Order confirmation page again, Click Confirm order button, then back to Payment information again.Oh, how can I complete the checkout process?
Answer: In this case, when your screen goes back to Payment information page, You will notice there is a sentence in red colour on the top the this page saying "The amount specified is too high or low and exceeds the limits set by this merchant". Please reduce your total amount of this order to an amount under NZ$1000.00 because the highest order amount for each single order on www.springtimewool.com is NZ$1000.00. Then just continue your checkout process.

3. Question: Are your sheepskin bed pad made by real sheepskin?
Answer: Yes, our mattress pad is full sheepskin with the natural skin backing, not woven onto a fabric pad. We sell any bed pad from cotton or other fabric pad with wool fibres. In fact, all our shepskin products are made by real sheepskin. Some company call their wool mattress pad 'sheepskin mattress pad', but we don't do that.

4. Question: whether the straps of medical sheepskin bed pad are large enough to secure to a california king water bed? Pretty thick waterbed mattress.
Answer: The elastic straps are large enough to secure a california king water bed.when you order it,just make sure you order the US/Canadian king size.