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Alpaca design rug 200 x 150cm (SPA621W)

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Care instruction: Machine washable

Size: 200 x 150cm (79 x 60 inch)
Colour: Brown/white
Weight: Approx 4.5 kgs

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Genuine medical lambskin bed pad/mattress cover, is handmade by sewing together the finest soft touching shorn fleeces lambskin, neatly with a 100% cotton cloth backing to protect natural skin and to make the the back of sheepskin tidy, and with elastic tie-downs at each corner. This is a all-year-use luxury bed pad. (This mattress pad is full sheepskin with the natural skin backing, not woven onto a fabric pad. We DON’T sell any bed pad from cotton or other fabric pad with wool fibres. )

Popular as bed underlays, bed pad, bed spread, underblanket, mattress pad or mattress topper, blanket, or just use it as you like.

Warm in winter, cool in summer. This luxurious medical lambskin bed pad supports you on a cushion of millions of resilient springy fibres through which air continuously circulates, naturally eliminating pressure points. Wool's and lamb skin leather's ability to absorb moisture without feeling damp keeps you dry and fresh and your lamb skin bed pad feels marvellously soft to your skin due to the natural lanolin in pure wool. Sheepskin Wool is a 'giving' surface. The natural soft fibres move with your body eliminating irritating pressure points, enhancing the level of comfort for everyday sleeping, sitting, commuting or just relaxing and allowing you to enjoy life to its maximum.

Genuine medical sheepskin provide a natural solution for problem sleepers, bed sores, encourage good circulation, help muscle relaxation, avoid chills, prevent and reduce pain of backache, rheumatism, sciatica and arthritis in the spine and hips and give added comfort to those confined to one position for long periods of time.

Genuine medical sheepskin bed pad encourages good circulation by increase the follow of blood in your circulation. Your blood acts as a conductor and this assists the flow of your circulation. This facilitates the delivery of trace elements, nutrients and oxygen throughout your body tissue. This in turn helps to reduce the inflammation that causes pain, and aids the removal of toxins. In addition, by helping to produce melatonin this can lead to a deeper, restorative sleep. Regarding excess acidity or alkalinity, you may well find that exposure to Springtime medical sheepskin bed pad will help to bring your body into a position of natural balance. Some company call this effect ‘magnetic function’.

This medical sheepskin bed pad will relax and massage your body while giving you a nice sleeping, and the lanolin in the wool pile will help to keep your skin silky smooth and younger. If you use this medical sheepskin bed pad/mattress cover together Springtime medical sheepskin pillow cover, you will enjoy an even better health and young life.

Enjoy your night life; enjoy your medical sheepskin bed pad!

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