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Baby alpaca cushion covers 50x50cm

This luxurious 100% baby alpaca product has been crafted using the finest baby alpaca skins available.

Colour: Brown and white
Size: 50x50 cm
Approx wool length: 50-70 mm

Care instructions:
Occasionally you may want to vacuum it using attachments.
For liquid spills: after blotting up as much of the spill as possible, rub with cornmeal or baby powder and brush (dog brush) after drying.
You may spot clean some stains mixing in a cup of warm water (40°C/104°F) with shampoo or mild soap. You may also add cornmeal or baby powder to the water and shampoo mix. Apply mix with cotton cloth and rub stained area. Be careful not to saturate with water the leather. Remove mix with damp cloth.
Dry with a blow dryer or at room temperature. Brush (fibers may come off). If your stain is grease, add to the mix above some detergent. If you get a stain in white color skins, you may add a teaspoon of non-chlorine bleach to the mix.

Pleae let me know which cushion cover you prefer, thanks.

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